BitsBeTrippin (BBT) was founded by Michael D. Carter in 2012, primarily focused on hardware, techniques and strategies in cryptocurrency mining and general community education on cryptocurrency topics. With over 25 years of broad business and technical experience, as well as over a decade in the crypto space, Carter has become a trusted figure known for providing data-driven commentary and recommendations across a range of settings from critical protocol development debates affecting miners and developers to traditional finance industry players being impacted by cryptocurrency and government agency policy makers seeking to develop balanced regulation that avoids dampening innovation.


Through consistent support and representation, BBT has assembled a set of enthusiastic teammates and followers who share knowledge and coach each other and inform the broader community. In the years since our founding, BBT has come a long way. Our YouTube channel, established in 2013, features over 650 videos and 220 livestreams with more than 9.3 million views. We have expanded deeply into enterprise-level mining operations for ourselves and are innovating at the cutting edge, as well as providing consultation and equipment services to the community leveraging our first-hand experience.

At BBT, we strive to be a pillar of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, modeling and maintaining the values and ideals in the spirit of which this industry was built: embracing innovation, learning through experimentation, increased transparency and accessibility, protection of privacy and resistance to censorship balanced with compliance to appropriate regulation, and community-oriented governance. If you would like to become a more engaged member of our community, we encourage you to message us directly on social media, comment on our content, or email us at with your questions, comments, and ideas.