The Conference Countdown is On

The Conference Countdown is On

The BBT Team is excited to announce that we will be attending Mining Disrupt 2023! Mining Disrupt: The World's Largest Bitcoin Mining Conference & Expo will be held in Miami, FL July 25th - 27th. It has definitely been a bit since the BBT Team has hit the conference scene, but we are thrilled to jump back in starting with one of the most Proof of Work centered events in our industry. In fact, most of our current team members (myself included) have never attended a Mining Disrupt conference before, so we are absolutely pumped for the opportunity and counting on our fearless leader to show us the ropes. 

Carter last attended Mining Disrupt back in 2021. When I asked what he loves about this particular conference he said, "Mining Disrupt brings together many like-minded individuals and businesses from around the US and the world to discuss and advance Proof of Work mining." Carter emphasized that, "Having the opportunity to talk to other folks that are working on improving efficiencies, best practices and the overall outlook in the mining industry is truly fantastic." As BBT continues to expand its mining operations and help others expand theirs, it's events like Mining Disrupt that not only help our team but everyone in the industry stay connected and working toward common goals. 

This year there will be more than 200 companies exhibiting and/or sponsoring the event and there are so many excellent keynote speakers and panels planned. I was looking at the list the other day and started getting nervous that I wouldn't be able to see everything I wanted to while I'm there, but trust me I will squeeze it all in. Some of the keynotes I'm most excited to listen to are: Beyond the Basics: Maximizing Mining Operations and Changing Communities with Andrew Hale, Director Economic and Community Development at Foundry, The State of Mining with Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman at Hive Blockchain, and How Our Industry is Evolving and How Companies Need to Adapt with Jim Seto, CEO at ePIC. I also really enjoy panel discussions so I would love to attend them all but the two that are peaking my interest at the moment are Tales from the Crypt'o where industry OGs will gather to discuss the beginnings of Bitcoin mining and Halving 99 Problems but Bitcoin Ain't One where they'll do a deep dive on the upcoming 2024 halving. Also, and this could just be me, but I heard there will be a giant ASIC there and that is just something I can't miss. 

While we're down in the sunshine state, the BBT Team will be breaking out our mobile studio so that we can bring you live and recorded coverage of the conference. We are hoping to meet and speak with a range of vendors and get into the latest products and services that are on the market. We will also be making an effort to catch up with our fellow industry friends, content creators, and followers. If you see us there, make sure to say hi!  

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