Antminer Power Supply APW3++ for S9 or L3+ or D3 w/ 10 Connectors

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Brand: Bitmain


  • Designed for the AntMiner L3+/S9/T9/D3
  • Includes ten 6-pin PCIe connectors
  • Maximum output: 1200W @ 110v-120v, 1600W @ 220v-240v
  • Power cord not included, requires standard PC power cable (C13)

Legal Disclaimer: ***WARNING: The APW3++ can output up to 1200W when using a standard 110-120v power outlet OR up to 1600W when using a 220v+ outlet. The AntMiner S9, D3, A3, and T9 series miners require more than 1200W. Only the AntMiner L3+ can reliably use a single APW3++ when on a 110-120v outlet. If you wish to power the AntMiner S9, D3, A3, or T9 using a single APW3++, then you must use a 220-240v power outlet. Attempting to run these on a 110-120v power outlet may result in dead hashing boards or a fire hazard.***

The APW3++ Series Power supply is specifically designed with mining operations in mind, and combines high conversion efficiency and a strong dynamic performance into a power dense package. It also features short circuit, overload, overheat, low voltage and overload protections.

This Power supply includes several features which make it optimal for cryptocurrency mining operations, including:
1) The air flow direction runs from the AC input to the DC output, which is the same configuration as most miners. This proves beneficial for those with large-scale mining operations where heat management is a major consideration.
2) The PCB uses a conformal coating to prevent damage from high voltage spark discharges on MOS pins, or near high-pressure solder joints when external conductive particles or dust enter the PSU.
3) The APW3++ can work stably in environments with a 50°C ambient temperature. Considering the high temperature in mining operations, all internal components are selected with a standard of 105°C, so the APW3++ has a much longer lifespan than a general use PSU under similar high temperatures.
4) The APW3++ uses PCI-E connectors which are compatible with most crypto-mining machines. One APW3++ can power one S9/L3+/D3/T9/A3. The APW3++ has TEN 6-pin PCI-e connectors total.
5) Power cable (C13) is not included!

Publisher: Bitmain

Details: Fan will turn on and off as needed by the unit; this is normal.

UPC: 787893831743

EAN: 0686494104273