AC Power Meter, DROK AC 80-300V 100A Voltage Current Color LCD Display Panel, Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Watt Active Power Energy Battery Monitor Multimeter Volt Amp Meter with Current Transformer CT

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Brand: DROK


  • Parameters: DROK ac power meter voltage measuring range is AC 80-300V, current measuring range is 0-100A, active power range is 0-45000W, electric energy range is 0-9999999kWh.
  • Color LED Display: the watt meter panel adopts clear LCD displaying accurate voltage, ampere, active power and electric quantity measuring values.
  • Special Design: our ac voltage display designed with a switch for clear electric energy and come with a 15.5mm CT, with fast measuring speed of 2 times/s.
  • Auto Store & Memory Function: when power off, the electric energy data will be stored and memorized, can be reset.
  • Note: this meter is only used for measure 50Hz city electricity, it will be destroyed if used to measure square wave, output of inverter and modified sine wave circuit.

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Publisher: DROK

Details: Parameters:
Voltage Measuring Range: AC 80.0-300.0V
Current Measuring Range: AC 0-99.99A (Resolution: 0.01A, display 100.0A when over 100A)
Active Power Measuring Range: 0-3000W
Resolution: 0.1W (under 10 000W);  1W (over 10 000W)
Electric Energy Measuring Range: 0-9 999 999kWh
Resolution: 0.001kWh (0-9 999.999kWh); 0.01kWh(10 000.00-99 999.99kWh); 0.1kWh(100 000.0-999 999.9kWh); 1kWh(over 1 000 000kWh)
Measuring Accuracy: 1% ± 2 digits
Measuring Speed: 2 times per second
Outside Dimension: 79*43*48mm
Installation Dimension: 76*39mm
Save Function: Automatically save the accumulated electricity value during the power outage.
Reset Function: Long press the reset button for 5 seconds, the accumulative electricity will be cleared to zero.

Operating Condition:
Working Temperature: -10~+50℃
Working Humidity: 10 ~ 80% (no condensation)
Working Pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa
Sunlight: No direct exposure

Wiring Connection:
(a) Connect the green wire of secondary CT(current transformer) to the BLUE terminal of the meter.
(b) Pass the circuit under measurement through the hole of the CT, and then connect it to the green terminal.
(c) After power on, the screen will display the measured data.

The multimeter can only work on AC 50-60Hz pure mains supply. Do not use it to measure square wave, inverter output and the corrected sine waves circuits, otherwise the product will burn!
Do not wrongly exchange the wiring of voltage input(green terminal) and current transformer(blue terminal), otherwise the product will burn!
Do not squeeze the LCD screen when install the multimeter, otherwise the screen will display gibberish or broken codes.

Package Includes:
1 X AC Power Meter

Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.0 x 2.4 inches