You can contact for any request below:
Put "Consultation" in the subject
* updated 1/5/2018


  • Free Rig support can be had via emailing ; this is by chance opportunity. BBT Crew tries to respond to emails each month (up to 4 full hours) worth of 'free' support. Many have experienced this and are able to comment that they have got a email back from us that fixed their issue. Again, this route, nothing is promised we will be able to get to your email but falls in the category as 'worth a shot!'

  • Dedicated support (scheduled,normally remote assistance) - normally after 5pm CST Monday through Saturday 
    - RATE: 195 hour (min.)
    - ALL Expenses can be paid in BTC - LTC - ETH - DSH - EOS - CVC - XMR

  • Advertisement Note - Currently we have not signed any agreements with any entity, company nor individual on any endorsements nor paid promotions pertaining to and/or affiliated Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

  • Media Inquiry
    - If looking for an interview or collaboration - Inquire with "Media" in subject to