About Us

Michael Carter

Founder of BitsBeTrippin

Michael Carter is the host of BBT. Michael has been in the crypto space as a hobbyist since late December '10. His initial jump into the space came from a post he followed that lead him to Slush's pool where he learned the basics of bitcoin and what mining was. He mined for 4 months leveraging a few desktop computers, but early 2011 got out of the space for about 6 months. After the first significant event with Bitcoin, the halving coupled with a few key media exposure events 2012 rekindled the Carters focus on Bitcoin. After getting a few mini rigs setup (7970 and 7950s) and building a basic guide for friends a decision was made to create BBT. At the time there were really no YouTube channels based around mining or educating people on how to mine. BBT now focuses on building the mining community to be a self helping society of individual contributors and building the best community in the entire world around mining.

Christy Carter

Co-Founder of BitsBeTrippin

Christy is married to Michael Carter and mother to 3 of our wonderful kids. Ben, Brie and Brooke. She is known as Mrs. BBT during the livestreams and has been on a few helping out with questions and keeping Carter on his toes during the streams. If you see her in the livestream give her a shout out! Thanks for being a great audience!