This section contains links to commonly used software in cryptocurrency mining

OSMining Operating Systems - Two common forms of OS's used in mining are traditional purpose or dedicated. Traditional OS gives you the flexibility to add cryptocurrency networks quickly as it comes down to a configuration and/or a update to existing mining software only. Dedicated OS gives you the consistency and reliability of a leaned out system, low overhead and most efficient use of resources. Additionally dedicated is as it sounds, focused on the task of mining, reducing potential issues related to software when mining.  



Tools & Utilities

TUCommon Tools and Utilities - This section includes the tools and various utilities used in cryptocurrency mining. Sensors, monitors and utilities to update BIOS, power and configuration of components used in mining. These are primarily used in Microsoft Windows, however some have versions for Mac OS and Linux (Ubuntu).  





MMiner software is the primary tool used in processing proof of work request from various cryptocurrency blockchains. Most of these miners are optimized to do a range of algorithms. These will be categorized by packaged solutions with multiple miners and the raw miner itself.  Packaged Solutions are precompiled software that leverages a UI to assist in easy to use setup and configuration for mining. Scripted Solutions are non-binary solutions that focus on syntax and simplification of participation, leveraging pre-configured pools and settings, just update wallet addresses and intensity settings. Raw Miners are the various mining software as stand alone downloads. 

Packaged Solutions

Scripted Solutions

Raw Miners