Live VLOG #76 - Rosewill BM-600 6GPU Mining Case | Charlie Lee / EOS / Mining Last?

BBT Carter holds an impromptu livestream on the unboxing of the Rosewill BM-600 6GPU Mining Case. Lets see what this thing is all about. New GPUs coming in this next along with some significant updates to the website. 

Hardware used in episode

Rosewill BM-600 6GPU Mining Case -

Episode Timestamps

0:00 - 6:00 - Agenda and some details of livestream (future)
6:00 - 15:30 - Unboxing RM-600 prior to installing hardware
15:30 - 53:30 - Trying various cards, clearances and lots of discussion
54:00 Discussion on comments/emails/AMA
1:00:00 How to fix low hashrates on your AMD cards, common question (compute mode)
1:02:00 Question on what to mine - strategies
1:08:30 Mining Pool discussions / Payouts etc
1:12:30 Discussion on Charle Lee's Exit of Litecoin holding
1:14:00 Coinbase / Coins and value growth and why aren't banks in this action?
1:22:08 People ask if we would ever make a BBT Coin - real discussion of if / why / when
1:25:00 Discussion around 'proof of effort' future coin tech
1:33:00 Discussion around EOS, why we are long on it (tech/use cases)
1:48:18 Question: How long will mining exist?
1:56:00 Do we use Hardware Wallets?
1:58:30 Any collabs coming up? Linus, Barnacules, Gamers Nexus?
2:00:00 Final Thoughts and wrapup