Boring NAF Ravencoin Asset Link Certification

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What you need to provide with this transaction.

Image of your "Boring NOT a Flamethrower", showing serial number. You DO NOT need to include ANY personal information, include yourself in the image. This is ONLY for your device authenticity pairing to the Ravencoin blockchain.

A Ravencoin Address to transfer assets to. You can download a Ravencoin wallet from the google play store and apple store for a mobile version (limited asset access currently on mobile wallets) or follow a tutorial on setting up a local Ravencoin wallet on your computer.

As part of the second part of verification you will be asked to provide an image of the serial number while displaying in the background printed copy or next to a screen, like a phone or monitor, the blockchain transaction page we will send to you. This creates a unique picture key we can reinforce the fact you have the device you are trying to register. 

What you get

1 of 20000 Boring NAF Asset Token assigned to your unique serial number posted to Inner-Planetary File System (IPFS) cryptographic and transactionally immutable on Ravencoin's Blockchain

1 Linked Serial Number Unique Asset, not created until process completed

1 Verification SubAsset which serves as blockchain transaction history of your registration process including original image verification to start transaction and final verification transaction showing the transaction INTVER with an image of your serial number together.

10 Ravencoin that can be used for transaction fee's when posting event history to the blockchain when using the Activity tokens.

500 Activity asset tokens - To be for future use to send to burn address including a link to IPFS storage of historical events you wish to share. 1 token to share a particular *event. Or traded to others through the ravencoin network.

NOTE: BBT Team make NO claim these assets are worth any value or can be redeemed in any method for value. In the capacity we have created are for unique pointers to information using the available technology within the Ravencoin Blockchain.

Why is there a cost for this?

Aside from the initial cost to create including 600 ravencoin (500 Main Asset, 100 SubAsset) and development for design, architecture and future development on serial number lookup UX. This package includes 10 Ravencoin for transactional fee coverage and additionally 5 Ravencoin for the Unique Asset Creation, which is how we provide unique SN linkage to the Blockchain.


With the limited production of the Boring "Not" a Flamethrower VER 1.0 being 20,000 devices BBT Carter decided what a better way to help bridge the gap of unique assets with the real world assets through the use of the public, permissionless Ravencoin blockchain. Ravencoin community contributors recently implemented a asset system that allows registration of digital 'assets' on the Ravencoin network. This creates amazing opportunities to link real world assets with a blockchain. 

To help move the understanding in the space we have created a certification service to digitally link your unique Boring Flamethrower to a blockchain. Choosing this item at checkout will kick off the process of registering your serial number and providing back you you a unique token (1 of 20,000) along with (500) later phase use subassets and the 1 unique SN tied and cryptographically unique asset. The unique token allows you to link digitally to your unique serial number and creates the ability for you to then link events such as images and video you do with your device to a immutable blockchain.

Why this matters?

This creates a whole new possibility of sharing the fun you have with your device specifically as with most social media the content is centered around you as the participant, not so much the device itself. What we are proposing is that your Boring "Not" a Flamethrower now can have its own history track of the fun you have had with it, digitally linked to the serial number. This provides the option to  single out the device itself and show a historical lineage of its usage and fun! If you were wanting to sell it or give it to a family member you could transfer them the digital asset with the physical transaction and it would post the fact of the transaction on the Ravencoin network. Bottom line, it gives you a independant, non-centralized layer to store even, transaction and validation of the fun you choose to post about the activity you shared to the network (think instagram, meets facebook, meets youtube for the flamethrower).

Lastly, if by chance you have went through this service with your "not" a Flamethrower and someone happens to stumble upon it in the distant future, they could simply look up a serial number lookup service we will be providing later on the roadmap to see if the asset was ever registered and what events were ever posted about it. 

Video installing Ravencoin Wallet on Mobile:

 NOTICE: "All rights reserved” for The Boring Company and all references to their product. We are in no way making any claims on this copyright and are only providing a service to link unique serial numbers of VER001 Boring “Not” a Flamethrower on a public, permissionless blockchain provided by Ravencoin. We have made sure no official logos have been used separately besides our own and Ravencoins. If there are any inquires specifically to this via Media or The Boring Company you may do so at the provided address or through our contact form on