Official Release BBT MultiMiner v7.0 for Windows Mining

 Download @ Github

 #1) Download Release v7.0

 #2) Download and install Notepad ++ or a advanced editor

#3) Unzip Release, edit in Notepad++ the MyInfo.Bat and put your coin's payment address for the coins you are going to mine, save file

#4) Launch Multiminer bat file, choose your coin/pool combo. NOTE: Some miners/config is set GPU Type (NVIDIA/AMD) specific



Kim Bicknell



@El loco the program is free you download it and set your wallet address to the algo you want to mine and click the miner to start mining..

El loco

Good morning friend, the damn software is free or is it paid? many speak of cryptocurrencies but I could not have a bit of crypts, in Youtube there are many programs to mine but they are not real, they are demo, you can not collect the coins, I would like to know about your program, thanks

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