CES 2019 Preview - AI, 8K, CoinAgenda and more!


BBT Carter and crew set out in force at CES2019 ... over 130k steps of unedited coverage spanning 28 separate livestreams and over 30 hours of content recorded. This preview gives you some exposure to the first media day walking around, seeing some of the setup of the largest show in Vegas. Common theme this year was A.I, 8K and 5G ; We set out to find Cryptocurrency, Digital Money track and more. This week we will be going through the coverage captured while out at CES to give you some of the best coverage on the ground. BBT Crew on the ground Michael Carter - Host Marshall Long - Bitcoin OG, Owner of Mock.it Esports team Terry Bennett - Developer, AR/VR Tim Gilday - Camera and Coordination Source Credits: CES 2019 - Media Provided B-ROLL on A.I segment BBT Video captured on HTC Exodus One & Sony A6500

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